Certified Decontamination Solutions pulls no punches when it comes to your safety. We use top of the line fogging technology to ensure contact on all surfaces and a powerful sterilant that has been proven effective in killing 99.997% of yeast, viruses, envelope viruses (Coronaviruses), mold, fungi and bacteria. With our process, we produce a fog containing our sterilant that disperses into a vapor into a closed room onto any accessible surface.

Our Sterilizing Fogger generates 1.25 cubic meters of visible sterilant fog per minute, which evaporates and expands exponentially to cover over 10,000 cubic feet per sterilizing cycle of 45 minutes. Our sterilant uses an approximate 10% concentration with deionized water or pure water that is then vaporized. The COVID-19 coronavirus is one such envelope virus that our proprietary sterilant can be used against, and has proven effective against previous versions of the coronavirus, as well as being certified by the EPA.

In order to ensure effectiveness, we raise the humidity in the environment to a set percentage while we are sterilizing the room. This ensure proper saturation of the steriliant vapor across all surfaces. After the cycle, the environment is exhausted out, and leaving clean surfaces with no cleanup afterwards. We certify our sterilization process with documentation of time of sterilization, type of sterilant used, space sterilized, equipment used, length of cycle, and signed by our trained specialists.

What are key advantages with Certified Decontamination Solutions?

  1. No Residue left behind
  2. Use aggressive Minncare sterilant or less aggressive hydrogen peroxide
  3. EPA Reg. NO.: 52252-4; EPA Est. NO.: 52252-MN-01; MSDS Available
  4. USP 1072 recommends a daily bactericidal disinfectant combined with a weekly or monthly use of a sporicidal agent
  5. Liquid sterilant converted to 7.5 micron aerosol, which then evaporates, going into all open areas, killing mold, viruses, yeast, fungi, gray mold, bacteria
  6. 100% vapor deployment throughout the area, behind appliances, around light fixtures, ceiling, walls
  7. Easy rapid deployment of sterilant followed by room exhaust
  8. 99.997% prevention of unwanted spores and bio-organisms in medical rooms, businesses, pharmaceutical sterile rooms
  9. Supports Pharma ISO suites, medical rooms, compound pharmacies and grow houses

What are key Biological and Liability Reasons to use Certified Decontamination Solutions?

  1. Disrupts Sulfhydrl (-SH) and Sulfur (S-S) bonds in proteins and enzymes
  2. Important components in cells and membranes are broken by oxidative disruption
  3. Destroys cellular activity by rupture or dislocation of cell walls, thus destroying yeast, envelope viruses such as coronavirus, mold, fungi and bacteria
  4. Minimize liability of unwanted spore or bio growth
  5. Far more effective than spray sanitizers and Clorox or alcohol wipes